Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cyclist in "Topaz Adjust"

The Cyclist Who Came From The Fog )Topaz Adjust Test)

A few weeks ago, I attended a meet up where photographers shared their latest photos. One photographer made a comment that he runs a lot of his photos through Topaz Adjust to enhance details. His pictures did not look over processed (which I like) so I was interested in researching this Photoshop plugin. I just downloaded it and started playing with it. I had only a few minutes so I used the "I feel lucky" option for automatic adjustments and then did some very small tweaks on it. I can see the potential there (see the original in the previous post). Looks like there are tons of options and features that I will have to explore in the coming days to take full advantage of it (without over processing. This picture was an exception). Check it out if you are interested.

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