Sunday, February 27, 2011



57/365: Rodeo

Rodeo Parade kicks off The Annual Houston Rodeo and Live Stock Show.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On The Streets Of New Orleans: The Music Maker and The Nuns


51/365:The Music Maker and The Nuns

For a street photographer, walking around New Orleans "Vieux Carré" (old square, or more commonly known as "The French Quarter") is quite the treat. Artists, performers, fortune tellers, and many many more interesting characters. The streets, alleys, and buildings themselves are full of personality and history.

Case in point, you will be hard pressed to find "The Music Maker" and "The Nuns" in the same frame in any other place.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidents Day

The Presidents

These photos were taken last year on what became a tradition for my wife and me of taking a road trip on Memorial Day week somewhere in the US. Mount Rushmore was one of the must-see landmarks that we finally got to visit last year. Couldn’t help but keep thinking of “North by North West”.
It seems fitting for Presidents Day.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Forbidden Gardens

A Dad, A Daughter and The Terracotta Army

The Forbidden Gardens Outdoors Museum in Katy, TX (Houston Metro Area), dedicated to ancient Chinese history and culture, is closing in a couple of weeks. Which is a shame.
I’ve lived in the Houston area for about 6 years now; I’ve known about this place and always wanted to visit but, as many people will tell you, you tend not make the effort to see tourist attractions in your own city. When I heard of the closing, I made sure to visit this past weekend. We were fortunate to have an absolutely beautiful day. Many families and kids, young and old, were there.

It is unfortunate that places like this, where parents can take their kids and spend quality time together, while at the same time introducing them to a wealth of culture and diversity, are becoming less and less prevalent.

Make the time.

The Terracotta Army

A Girl and A Horse



40/365: Highway

Monday, February 7, 2011

June: A Short Film


37/365: June

Yesterday I had an assignment.

A little background first: My wife, who is a computer engineer by day, moonlights as an independent film maker (you can see behind the scenes photos of her work on my Flickr photo stream and on a previous post). Currently, she is in the early stages of pre-production for her latest short film. The idea for this film was maturing in her head for several years and now it is ripe for realization.

Yesterday, she was talking to me about her need for a “teaser poster” to include in any internet promotions for the film. Being familiar with the film story (as she asks me for feedback on her work the same way I ask her for feedback on my photography) I jumped on the prospect of creating something that relates to the story that could work as film poster. I thought it was a good challenge both technically and artistically.

After coming up with the concept, it took about an hour of working with different setup and lenses to get the desired look. After agreeing on the image, I created several post-processed version. The differences were fairly subtle between those since neither of us likes the look of “over-processed” photos. We chose this one.

June (Film Poster Teaser)

Friday, February 4, 2011

January Collage

January is in the books.

365/2011: January Collage

It feels great to complete one month of my first 365 project. I'm happy that I was disciplined enough not only to take photos every single day, but to also review the photos, do any post processing needed and post to my Flickr group the same day without letting it all pile up.

The support was great. My biggest thanks and credit goes to my wife, Gretchen, who would patiently review all my daily photos and give me her invaluable feedback. Many days I thought I did not have one decent photo to post, but her keen eye, excellent feedback and her encouragement helped me see the photos from a different point of view. I am very thankful for that.

I would definitely not be able to get this far without all the friends on Flickr whom I never met. Their comments and feedback, along with their awesome creativity with their own photos is the fuel that keeps me going and gets me excited all over again every day .

Here's to 11 more months.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fighting Fire


32/365: Backdraft

These photos are part of a 12 photo set on Flickr (out of more than 170) of a car fire that I stumbled upon while I was riding around on Tuesday afternoon looking for photo opportunity for the day's photo of the 365 project . Hopefully that set tells a more complete story

Fire Fighters

The brave firefighters in the photos are from Klein Volunteer Fire Department


Volunteer Fire Fighter Facts
* Volunteer Fire Fighters comprise 72% of all fire fighters across the United States.
* Of the nearly 31,000 fire departments in the United States, over 21,000 are comprised of all volunteers         saving the localities an estimated $37 billion per year.
* Over the past 25 years, volunteer membership has dropped nearly 8% while the volume of calls continues to increase.
* 66 of the 118 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2008 were volunteers.
* Communities depend on volunteer firefighters as the first line of defense for many emergencies.

One of the problems facing many fire departments deals with funding and the recruitment & retention of new members.


Call 911 Emergency

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