Monday, February 7, 2011

June: A Short Film


37/365: June

Yesterday I had an assignment.

A little background first: My wife, who is a computer engineer by day, moonlights as an independent film maker (you can see behind the scenes photos of her work on my Flickr photo stream and on a previous post). Currently, she is in the early stages of pre-production for her latest short film. The idea for this film was maturing in her head for several years and now it is ripe for realization.

Yesterday, she was talking to me about her need for a “teaser poster” to include in any internet promotions for the film. Being familiar with the film story (as she asks me for feedback on her work the same way I ask her for feedback on my photography) I jumped on the prospect of creating something that relates to the story that could work as film poster. I thought it was a good challenge both technically and artistically.

After coming up with the concept, it took about an hour of working with different setup and lenses to get the desired look. After agreeing on the image, I created several post-processed version. The differences were fairly subtle between those since neither of us likes the look of “over-processed” photos. We chose this one.

June (Film Poster Teaser)

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