Friday, February 11, 2011

Forbidden Gardens

A Dad, A Daughter and The Terracotta Army

The Forbidden Gardens Outdoors Museum in Katy, TX (Houston Metro Area), dedicated to ancient Chinese history and culture, is closing in a couple of weeks. Which is a shame.
I’ve lived in the Houston area for about 6 years now; I’ve known about this place and always wanted to visit but, as many people will tell you, you tend not make the effort to see tourist attractions in your own city. When I heard of the closing, I made sure to visit this past weekend. We were fortunate to have an absolutely beautiful day. Many families and kids, young and old, were there.

It is unfortunate that places like this, where parents can take their kids and spend quality time together, while at the same time introducing them to a wealth of culture and diversity, are becoming less and less prevalent.

Make the time.

The Terracotta Army

A Girl and A Horse

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