Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year.....

So, after a 6 months hiatus (more or less) due to work overload, I should be back to regular photography and to more regular updates to this blog.  

This year's project is, 100X. This is different from 100 possibilities in the sense that it is not about a subject (necessarily) but about a theme. The theme could be defined as loose or as strict as the participant wants to make it.

I have not made up my mind yet on my theme. I am leaning toward street photography, since it is my favorite style of photography. But this might not be going far from my comfort zone.

The other theme I am considering is "inspired by music". I enjoyed doing that for a week last year. Maybe expanding that to "pop culture" would cast a wider net. movies, books, etc.

Until the start of this project, there are a lot of photos that I'm happy with from my recent New York trip that will make their way into this blog. Probably more from the archives.

This should be fun.  

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