Monday, February 27, 2012

Obstruction #3: "Less is More" Reflection

Obstruction #3: "Less is More" Reflection

This is my answer to Obstruction # 3 from [] to my original photo Undergound Reflections , which was as follows:

"This one sounds easy...but I'm not so sure it will be! Your response to Obstruction #1 would I am confident that you will come up with something fascinating!

Obstruction #3: 
Take a shot of the most confusing reflection that you can...make us have to really look to try to figure out the reflection."

When I got this obstruction, I was a bit wary of just repeating myself from Obstruction #1. It was the easy way out to just do something very similar to obstruction 1, especially since my mind was blank of any creative ideas. I had to start experimenting, first with set up shots and later with natural reflection shots. I did get some useable photos, but nothing that I felt excited about. Some of them just felt too busy and not really interesting. Eventually, I had to think of this obstruction in a different way.

To me, an ideal answer would be fairly simple, where you can actually see all the elements fairly easily, but it also should be challenging at the same time (to answer the part that stated "make us have to really look to try to figure out the reflection")

I always feel happy when I get an idea for a photo (especially a "natural" photo vs. set up) and it ends up close to my original vision. This was the case here. I just had to walk a few block from work to get to this place. I did not realize that the photo was fairly successful until after I went back home and downloaded all the photos to my computer. Other than just processing the RAW file- and little light and shade adjustment and a very slight crop, (B&W conversion of course) this photo is as shot. No photoshop or double exposure. I leave the judgment of this answer to Obstruction # 3 to the viewers.

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