Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obstruction #1: Above Ground Reflections

Obstruction #1: Above Ground Reflections

This photo was created for the l Five Obstruction Photo Challenge Group . Check the group out, you might like to participate.

This is my response to The First Obstruction presented to me by tamarak2010 for my photo Underground Reflections

"For your first obstruction I want you to re-construct this shot, but above ground. if possible make it a "portrait" of you and your wife and "frame" it in some way like this shot is....and, of course, have the reflection as well as something happening inside the reflection window."

When I first got the challenge, I thought it would be extremely difficult since the original photo was shot on The Tube in London and I live in Houston, a city that does not have any public transportation to speak of. After starting to think about it, I had several ideas but wanted to stick as close as possible to the obstruction without making matters too complicated.

So here it is, "above ground" reflection, with my wife and me in a similar framing. This one is a bit tighter so it is a bit closer to portrait but not exactly. Reflections from both inside and outside the restaurant.

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