Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Big Fan" Revisited

Get Pushed is a Flickr group where people who sign up for a monthly photographic challenge get paired together to challenge each other to shoot something different what they ordinarily shoots.
An earlier post on this Blog showed my reply to a challenge by JeezyDeezy, a follow Flickrer and 365er. This is her reply to my challenge. This is the first photo to be published on this blog that is not taken by me.
Her write up on Flickr is posted below without editing. 
"Big Fan" of Basselal

"Big Fan" of Basselal

For this Get Pushed, Round 30, I was thrilled to be paired with Basselal, whose dark depictions of the world have been fascinating me for a couple years now. He gave me this challenge:
Your subject could be a photograph taken by another (famous or not, although a famous photograph helps with familiarity), painting, or even an album cover or a movie poster.
- You should not just "replicate" but "re-imagine" the work and put your own spin on it.
I'll give you two level of difficulties (at least that's how I see it) and it's up to you to chose one of the two options:
- A work of art of your choice (photo, painting, album cover, poster, etc). I imagine this could be easier since you can pick something you are familiar with and know well.- A photo from my photostream (which I will not call a work of art). Although this might be fun for me, it might be more difficult for you to go over the photos and pick something that you would like to recreate.

As soon as I looked through Basselal's most interesting stream, I knew I'd choose the 2nd option.
Here is the image I repurposed:
322/365: Big Fan

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