Wednesday, January 30, 2013

High Key Challenge

Get Pushed, Round 30

For round 30, I was excited to be paid with JeezyDeezy, I follow veteran 365er with a great photostream. her photos are not only very creative, she also have great photographic skill to pull off her great ideas. You can get a lot of inspiration by visiting her photostream.  Extra points for her great response to my push.

Her push to me was:

"I would like to challenge you to create a quintessential 'high-key' image. One that is over-exposed (whether in post or in camera) by a full stop and a half or two, so that the dark colours become bright and vivid, and the medium colours become beautiful pastels, and the highlights are blown, but in a soft dreamy way, not a glaring, irritating way. "

an extra condition to the push: "please, I would like to see you do this in colour."

Here goes my "free card out of jail". B&W is much more forgiving. But, the idea is to push beyond the comfort zone.

I had no idea how I'm going to do it. First, I though of a scene in nature without people. But after looking for examples for inspiration online, I decided that it would be better as a portrait. Still, I did not want to do a traditional portrait.

I took this photo about a week ago and although I wanted to experiment some more, extremely busy week and the fact that I'm fairly happy with it made me decide to go with this photo.

Looking at it now, I'm not sure if I did achieved the 1.5 or 2 stops over exposer. I mainly tried to go by colors as my main criteria. The vivid red and pastel light colors. I also tried to avoid shadows (one of the main criteria for high key" by using a fill light. There might be still some there, if you are a purest.

It was a fun challenge. Thanks to JeezyDeezy.

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